After the Writing Workshop

Hello everyone,

I said I would let everyone know how that writing workshop went, so here I am.

First off, it was called the Ninja Writers Academy, and it was run by Shaunta Grimes. It was set up all online, and we had a group set up on Facebook where we could connect with others in the workshop, to share ideas, help each other out, ask questions, etc.

We were to focus on one story idea, and run with that.¬†Shaunta had us set up a composition notebook, with the first couple of pages being the table of contents to make it easier to find the information we wanted. She sent out emails daily with the that day’s activity and writing goal. Now, myself, like a lot of the people taking the course, could not write like that every day, so I would do all of the little things about twice a week. The very first thing she had us do in that notebook, was write a list of ten things, and once you got writing it was longer than ten, that we felt inspired the story we were writing, whether that be other books, tv shows, movies, music, etc.

This notebook, and Shaunta’s questions, was how I was able to create the in-depth introductions to my two main characters, which I posted a few posts ago.

Along with the notebook, she helped us create our plot boards, focusing on each part step by step. It really helped me get things situated, and get all the ideas I had for my story in place.

This workshop really helped me out a great deal, even if I did not get to directly participate as much as I would have liked in the group. With workshop, and getting the bones of my novel plotted out, I was able to see how I could continue my story into a second, which is very exciting for me.

I will say that the workshop was definitely worth it, and that anyone that is trying to write, and feels like they need the little bit of extra help, or if you have a great idea, and no idea where to begin, this workshop is for you. I’ll be including the link here.

If you would like information, or have any questions, please comment below!