Look for the Helpers

If there is one thing I have learned about Americans in times of hurt and tragedy, we may get knocked down, bruised and bloody, but we don’t stay down. We wipe the blood off, get up mad as hell, and swinging hard enough to knock someone’s teeth in.

We are a country divided, but in times of trouble we put that aside, and stand together. We’re like a bunch of squabbling siblings, and the only one allowed to mess with our sibling is us, to hell with everyone else. 

Sometimes these situations bring out the worst in people, but it can also bring out the best. The people that use their body to shield others, the people that jump into flood waters, the people that drive thousands of miles to give their time, money, and energy, the people that run into burning buildings. Look for the helpers, look for the good, they will always be there.

My thoughts and prayers are with Las Vegas, and everyone affected. Remember those who were lost, and don’t let people forget who they were before, don’t let their name be forever tarnished by being attached to that terrorist, because that is what he was. His final act on this earth was to hurt and terrorize. The people lost deserved so much better, the people who remain deserve so much better.

Love to everyone.


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