Trying to find a balance

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been super hectic between the holidays, traveling out of town multiple times, school, and other things. Some things just fell to the wayside.

I will say, this is my last semester of school. I graduate in May. Yay! I’m looking forward to being done.

I am also working on getting a part time job. I would work online from home, but I can’t say too much about it, because I have to sign confidentiality agreements.

I am also working on everything I need to do to open up a bookstore. Would you love to shop at a little, local bookstore?

So, add in wifely and motherly duties, my plate is pretty full.

I will always take time to answer any questions or comments you have.



A Story Idea

A love story, but it doesn’t start that way. I think? Kind of vague, hazy idea that I half dreamed.


A story that stretches across time and multiple lives. Two souls bound together by fate and power.

They are constantly at odds with one another, battling it out, until one is the death of another, back and forth, over and over again.

The only way it will end is if the dragon forgives and falls in love with the basilisk.

Not quite sure what to do with it.

Maybe each chapter could be a life until we get to the current one? I don’t know.

Look for the Helpers

If there is one thing I have learned about Americans in times of hurt and tragedy, we may get knocked down, bruised and bloody, but we don’t stay down. We wipe the blood off, get up mad as hell, and swinging hard enough to knock someone’s teeth in.

We are a country divided, but in times of trouble we put that aside, and stand together. We’re like a bunch of squabbling siblings, and the only one allowed to mess with our sibling is us, to hell with everyone else. 

Sometimes these situations bring out the worst in people, but it can also bring out the best. The people that use their body to shield others, the people that jump into flood waters, the people that drive thousands of miles to give their time, money, and energy, the people that run into burning buildings. Look for the helpers, look for the good, they will always be there.

My thoughts and prayers are with Las Vegas, and everyone affected. Remember those who were lost, and don’t let people forget who they were before, don’t let their name be forever tarnished by being attached to that terrorist, because that is what he was. His final act on this earth was to hurt and terrorize. The people lost deserved so much better, the people who remain deserve so much better.

Love to everyone.

Getting Back On Track

Well, I am two days behind on the post a day challenge I am a part of, but I am working on fixing that. There will probably be a day or two of more than one post, so that could be exciting.

I started watching a musical on Netflix featuring Anna Kendrick, called The Last 5 Years. The two main characters each start at one end of their relationship, beginning and end, and work their way to the other end, from their point of view. It’s definitely interesting. I would recommend checking it out, even if the reviews aren’t the greatest.

There was a line in the first song of the movie that struck me, and it could be a jumping off point for a novel. “Covered in scars I never earned.” It could be some kind of supernatural happening, where people are connected, and the scars that show up on them are not always ones they received, but scars of the person they are connected to. Any thoughts?

I hope to come out with the next few parts of Emergency soon, so please keep an eye out for those.

Drop me a line below with any comments, thoughts, or questions.

The Guilt of Messing Up as A Parent

Warning: What some may consider graphic images near the end of the post.

My original intention had been to post Emergency (part 4), but today has been a very long and exhausting day, so it will just have to wait.

Yesterday evening, my husband, kids, and I went over to a friends house for a birthday cookout. There was a handful of adults, my two children, and one other.

We were all moving back and forth between outside and the house, and not paying as much attention to the children as we should have been.

All three of the children had been warned to stay away from the grill, because it was hot, but they’re all under five, and the youngest, my son, is barely two.

The children get oddly quiet, so my husband goes searching, and as he comes around the corner of the house, my son touches the side of the grill. It takes him a moment to register the pain and start crying.

Last night, his hand was pink, but did not seem to bad, but my instincts were saying it was worse than it looked. The others talked me down, telling my he would be okay, that it would teach him not to touch anything hot, that he would learn to listen.

Well, I’ll tell you what, a second degree burn is not a lesson. It’s just painful.

Today it blistered up, taking up part of his left hand, along his ring finger and his pinkie finger. I called my husband and made him leave work early, so he could stay home with our daughter. I took our son to Urgent Care.

They told me, all things considered, it didn’t look that bad, and to keep it clean, and keep an eye on it, to make sure he doesn’t develop an infection.

I have all day feeling just terrible, positively wracked with guilt, because I usually stay right with him. I know how adventurous and stubborn he is, and the one time I give him a bit more freedom, he hurts himself.

Please tell me I’m not alone. I feel like shit. My baby got hurt, because I messed up.


Emergency (Part 3)

Adena and Eli quietly walked down the stairs, faces troubled. They had gone about locking windows, and closing blinds in the master bedroom in silence, before heading back.

The sound of calm voices chattering in the living room made both hesitate at the foot of the stairs. Adena turned around to look up at Eli, frowning, “What do we say?”

Eli stuffed his hands into his pants pockets, and shrugged, before hunching his shoulders. “Don’ know.”

She groaned, and rubbed at her face, the exhaustion seeming to weigh her down.

Eli sighed, and stepped forward. He drew Adena close, wrapping her in a hug, her face pressed to his chest.

Adena wrapped her arms around his waist, and melted into his embrace.

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, “We’ll be okay, Princess. Whatever this is, we’ll figure it out.”

“I know,” Adena rubbed her cheek against his soft t-shirt, “Thanks, Eli.”

Mari’s head popped out from around the corner, “Dios mio, get a room you two!”

Adena and Eli jumped apart, startled. Adena rounded on Mari, her hands on her hips, and brow furrowed. “Mari!”

Eli scowled, and pushed past both women into the living room, claiming his previous seat in the second arm-chair, Matt and Amy already cuddled back up in the other.

Mari smirked, and looped her arm through Adena’s, and practically dragged the shorter girl into the living room.

Adena noticed that a few lit candles had been scattered around the room to give off more light, though the rest were left stacked on the coffee table, including a flash light and the first aid kit. A large pile of pillows and blankets with pushed into the corner.

Ben was still fiddling with the radio, and Sam had relocated to sitting on the floor, leaning back against his legs.

Mari swung both herself and Adena around to face the others, most gathered back in their previous spots, looking calmer than she had last seen them.

She grimaced slightly at the thought of upsetting them again, but quickly schooled her features into a blank mask.

“So,” Mari looked down at Adena, “as you can see, Derek and I completely raided your candle stash, by the way, you’re a candle hoarder. No one needs that many candles.”

Adena rolled her eyes. “Obviously, it was good to have for an emergency situation.”

Mari snorted, “Right, whatevs.”

Adena scowled, and opened her mouth to retort.

“Diana and I made sure all the windows and doors were locked and covered,” Damon butted in, heading off an argument before it could start.

“Why does your house have so many windows?” Diana asked, brow primly arched.

Adena huffed, “I enjoy having plenty of natural lighting.”

“Matt and Amy wiped out your linen closet, and got all the pillows and blankets you left in the hall upstairs,” Damon interrupted again, nudging his sister with his shoulder.

Adena leaned around Mari and smiled at the couple in the armchair, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Matt intoned softly, and Amy smiled.

Adena looked at Mari, “Could you please sit down? I have something to share.”

Mari squinted at Adena, before nodding once, and returning to her seat on the couch, which Derek leaned on the back of.

With a sigh, Adena wiped her hands along the front of her skirt, then folded her hand together. She looked around the room, and at the expectant faces of her friends.

Eli’s heavy gaze had her snapping her eyes away.

“While Eli and I were upstairs, we studied what we could have outside.” She hesitated.

“And?” Diana prompted.

“And,” Adena looked down, “we couldn’t see anything.”

Mari snorted, “Yea, cause it’s dark outside, duh.”

Adena frowned at Mari, “That’s not what I meant.”

“My cat can see in the dark.” Sam volunteered, and everyone turned to look at her.

“Yes,” Adena drawled, “thank you, Sam.”

The bubbly blonde smiled.

The short brunette couldn’t help but smile in return. “What I meant was, there is no sign of any of the neighbors. No candle light, no flashlights, and no movement.”

Quite a few of the group tensed, as the news, and what it could mean, settled.

“And,” Adena continued softly, “it looked like there may be some kind of fire in the distance. A rather large one, from the look of it.”

The noise level sky rocketed when the others began to talk over one another. “Where is-” “-could of gone-” “-fire-” “-parents-” “-sister-” “-my cat-”

“Everyone shut up!” Ben snapped, and the room silenced, and everyone’s focus turned to the man. “Listen.”

He turned up the sound on the radio, and the rough voice of an older man filled the silence. “I’m trapped in the station. I’m alone, and have been for hours now. Everyone else is just gone.”

“How-” Derek started, but was quickly hushed by the others.

“If you’re out there, if you’re hearing this, be ready. Whoever, whatever, has invaded and is taking some people, and killing the rest. They hit hard and fast. If you can fight, fight, if not, run, run far, and hide.”

There was a moment of silence, and no one moved.

The man’s voice came back again, “By broadcasting this message, they’ll know I’m here. They’ll be coming soon. Take care of yourselves. Sarah, sweetheart, if you’re still out there, I love you, keep yourself safe. To everyone else, may whoever you believe in watch over you.”

The radio broadcast cut off, and static took its place.

To be continued…


Emergency (Part 2)

Everyone talked over each other, panicked under the weight of the darkness, and the unknown.

The tiny brunette, Adena, sighed, and stood up. She held her lit cell phone up to show her face. “Alright everyone, quiet down.”

Everyone except for the man with the piercing green eyes ignored her. He leaned forward in his arm-chair, and let out a shrill whistle, instantly silencing everyone, most cringing away from him.

Adena turned to smile at him, “Thank you, Eli.”

He shrugged, and leaned back in his chair.

Marianna, a thin latina of average height, crossed her arms and scowled from her place on the sofa, with Diana and Damon. “What the fuck was that, Axle?”

Eli gestured lazily at Adena, “She’s trying to talk.”

Mari and the rest turned their attention to Adena. Mari tilted her head towards the smaller girl. “What’s up, Tiny?”

Adena frowned, and brushed her hands down the front of her skirt. “I really wish you wouldn’t call me that, Mari.”

A tall pale blonde shifted around on the lap of a brunette male wearing glasses and in a wheelchair, “But you’re so cute and tiny, like I could keep you in my pocket.” The others laughed, cutting the tension in the room.

Adena huffed, and shook her head, but chose not to respond to Samantha’s comment. “Anyways, I believe we should do as the man said, and make sure the doors and windows are all locked. We should also gather flashlights and candles together, so we don’t waste our cell phone batteries, we don’t know when, or if, the power will come back on.”

A few of the lights cast by said devices, cut off at the reminder, making the room darker.

“We should also gather pillows and blankets. It would probably be best for all of us to sleep here in the livingroom,” Adena continued, “We should partner up, and get as many tasks done as possible.”

Everyone shifted around, looking at the shadows of each other in the dark.

Adena rolled her eyes, and crouched down to light a large candle on the coffee table with the matches she always kept in the draw. It added a warm glow to the room, and seemed to help abate some of the uneasiness.

“Ben,” the young man in the wheel chair inclined his head, “you and Sam,” the blonde smiled and kissed Ben’s cheek, “will stay here in the living room.” Adena walked to the bookshelf on the left side of the television, and grabbed a small radio. She moved back to the others, and set it on the coffee table in front of Ben and Sam. “This radio is battery operated, you and Sam will use it to see if you can get anymore news.”

“Sure thing, Adena.” Ben nodded and adjusted his glasses.

“Mari,” the latina tilted her head, “you and Derek will go into the kitchen, the cabinet to the right of the ones under the sink holds all of my spare candles, and extra matches, please bring them all in here. There is also a flashlight in the cabinet above the fridge, oh and a first aid kit.”

Derek, a broad-shouldered blonde with bright eyes and an easy smile, nodded, “Don’t worry, we got it.”

“Diana,” the delicate blonde turned her piercing gaze to Adena, making her nervous for a moment, “you and Damon will go around the downstairs, make sure all of the doors and windows are locked, and all of the blinds and curtains are closed.”

Damon, shorter than average, and broad-shouldered with well muscled arms, thick, dark curls, and dark eyes, could not look more different from his twin sister. He leaned, and bumped his shoulder into Diana’s making her smile.

Adena turned to face the couple cuddled together on the remaining arm-chair. “Matt,” a tall man with spiked up dark hair looked up, “Amy,” a young asian woman with long dark hair, streaked with blue, smiled, “you both can go around collecting pillows and blankets for everyone. Check the linen closet around the corner, next to the bathroom, first.”

The couple nodded in unison.

Adena crinkled her nose. “How are you two so cute?”

Amy laughed and Matt ducked his head, hiding his face in Amy’s hair.

Adena turned to Eli, “You and I will go upstairs, and make sure all the windows are locked up there, and that the blinds and curtains are all closed.”

Eli shrugged, “Whatever you say, Princess.”

She ignored him, and turned back to the others. “Why are you all still sitting there? Go on.”

Everyone, but Sam and Ben left the room, using their phones for light. Ben leaned over Sam and picked up the radio from the coffee table, turning it on, and wincing when the loud sound of static filled the room.

Sam clapped her hands to her ears.

Adena flinched backward, into Eli, who steadied her with a large hand on her shoulder. “Careful there, Princess.”

“Sorry, guys,” Ben grumbled as he turned the sound on the radio down.

Eli patted Adena’s shoulder, when she titled her head up and smiled at him. “Come on.”

Adena walked out of the living room, Eli right behind her, and around the corner, passing Matt and Amy digging in the linen closet, and up the stairs.

The first room on the right was a guest room, with one window above the head of the bed, and one in the bathroom.

Adena scrambled up onto the bed, “I’ll get this one, you get the other.”

Eli smirked, as he watched Adena climb up onto the bed, then stand on it to check the lock and close the blinds.


The irritated huff had him shaking his head, “Yea.”

He went into the bathroom, and checked the window. Locked, he looked out the window, but could see nothing but darkness. He sighed and closed the blinds.

Eli closed the bathroom door behind him, and watched as Adena tugged the comforter off the bed, and then turned and dropped it outside the door, where the pillows were already stacked.

Adena noticed his quirked eyebrow. “To make it easier on Matt and Amy.”

They left the first guest room, and closed the door behind them, and went to the one across the hall, repeating the same process.

At the end of the hall, was Adena’s master bedroom, with large windows to the left, and the bathroom to the right, with a single window above the large tub.

Adena walked to the windows, and looked out. “Isn’t it strange?”

Eli walked up behind her. “What?”

“That there’s nothing,” she squinted out into the darkness, “not a single sign of life, no light, from any of the neighbors.”


Adena made an unimpressed face, “It’s still fairly early, especially for a Friday night. We should see something, flashlights, candles, movement, something, from any of the other houses. There’s nothing.”

“Maybe they did the same thing, and have their blinds and curtains closed.”

She sighed, “Yea, maybe,” and began to turn away, but something in the distance caught her attention, “what’s that?” She whipped back around to face the window.

“What?” Eli leaned over Adena’s shoulder to get a closer look.

Adena pointed into the distance, and a flickering brightness.

Eli’s brow furrowed. “It looks like… a fire?”

They both stood watching the flickering in the distance, the only light in the dark.

To be continued…




A high pitched tone echoed through the living room, catching the attention of everyone, and all conversation ceased between the group of friends. All heads turned to face the television against the wall, as a multi-colored screen lit up the room.

The tone ceased, and the screen flashed to a disheveled looking man in a suit, sitting behind a desk, and nervously shuffling papers.

He looked down, cleared his throat, and looked back up. “Attention everyone, this is an emergency broadcast. The government is asking that everyone remain calm, and stay indoors. Again, this is an emergency broadcast. The government asks that everyone remain calm and stay indoors.”

The group of friends shuffled around the room, moving closer to the television, some sitting on the couch, a couple in the matching armchairs, and the rest sat on the floor.

The man’s gaze shifted away from the screen, and he tensed and paled. He jerked his gaze back to the screen. “Stay inside, lock your doors, and may God help us all.”

The man jumped up from the desk, toppling his chair, as the camera fell sideways, crashing to the floor. A high pitch scream echoed from the television, and cut off eerily as the television cut back the multicolored screen.

A man with a dark close cut mohawk and piercing green eyes, scowled. “What the hell was that?”

A tiny brunette woman opened her mouth to respond, but the power cut out, dropping the room into darkness.

Startled screams echoed through the room.

The glow from multiple cell phones popped up in the room.

“I think perhaps we should do as the man said, and make sure everything is locked up.” The tiny brunette finally spoke.

To be continued…


He stands in the doorway to theirhistheir bedroom. His suit is rumpled, his tie loose and crooked.

He stares at the bed, where her nightgown still lays. Her book is lying on her nightstand, an old playing card still marking her page. A half finished bottle of water nearby.

He walks into the room, each movement a struggle.

He curses as he trips over something on the floor, stumbling into the wall. He looks down, and jerks back, his whole body slamming into the wall. Her favorite shoes. She said they’d called her name.

He kept walking backwards, body gliding along the wall. He gasps when he bumps into her vanity, rattling it, and everything on it, including her delicate glass perfume bottles, and knocking her favorite hat from where it hangs on the back of the chair.

On instinct, he fumbles to catch up, crinkling the brim, but jerks away as if burned, and watches it flutter to the floor.

A sob bubbles up from his chest, and he clenches his jaw, locking the rest behind grit teeth. He takes a few unsteady steps backwards, until his knees hit the bed, and he is forced to sit.

An aroma wafts up at the force of his landing, filling his nose. The soft scent of lilac, envelops him, wrapping around him, like her arms.

He shudders. “You’re not gone.”

He swallows thickly. “There’s so much left undone.”

His voice cracks. “You didn’t finish your book.”

“You’re not gone.”

The scent of lilacs begins to fade. And the dam breaks.

A low sound makes its way up his throat, and out of his mouth. His eyes burn, and the tears begin to pour, running scalding trails down his cheeks. He sobs, and gasps, unable to catch his breath.

He hunches over, burying his head in his hands, his fingers grasping at his hair. “You’re-” he gasps, “you’re-” he bawls, “not-” pulls at his hair, “gone!”

He shudders, and howls like a wounded animal, collapsing off the bed, and to his knees on the floor.

He bawls until there is nothing left within him. Until his eyes are so dry they ache, he throat feels like he tried to swallow broken glass, his lungs burn with every breath, and his whole body feels like a single giant bruise.

His whispered voice crackles and breaks. “You can’t be gone.”

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It Calls Me


I spent part of my day today fixing up our patio bistro set. You know the kind? Metal, green, and ugly. So, I sanded down the the rusted bits, washed them off, and managed to prime and paint the chairs. I used a lovely shade of paint by Rustoleum called Ocean Mist. I love it. I still have to prime and paint the table, but once everything is done, and I have it placed where I want it, I’ll post a few pictures. I chose the color I did, because I love the beach theme for decor, especially outside decor.

I love the beach, and I love the ocean. To me, the beach, the ocean, feels like home. It calls me. It provides me with a sense of peace that I cannot usually find. I hope to one day live closer to the beach than I currently do, which is not all that far from it now. I’ve thought about writing a story about it, but I’m not sure how to convey the feeling properly.

Maybe a water sprite, born of sea foam, loves both the sea, and the land that she touches? Or a mermaid, who never had the inclination to leave her ocean home, but is captured and taken away? A human woman who is dropped into the ocean, left to drown, but becomes a mermaid instead?

Are there any places that feel like home to you, whenever you go? Do you have a place that always brings you peace?

Do any of the above ideas sound interesting to you? Are there any ideas that you have that you would like to add?

Let me know in the comments below.